I know a podcast about following your dreams seems cliche. But I fundamentally believe that dreams from God are given to be pursued.

The plight of the dreamer goes back to the dawn of creation. Noah, Joseph, David—all of them had the joy of receiving a dream or a calling from God, and faced the difficulties of actually walking it out. That struggle is the same today. It hasn’t changed in thousands of years, and I doubt it will change any time soon.

It’s said that dreamers have their heads in the clouds. They aren’t grounded in “reality.”

If you find yourself dreaming dreams that are bigger than yourself, or impulsively asking “what if,” then you probably have already experienced the struggle. Maybe you’ve chased some dreams and found that it isn’t as easy nor as glamorous as you imagined. There is a struggle and a fight to survive as a dreamer that many can’t overcome. In fact, one of the greatest challenges you will face in your life is the journey between a dream and its fulfillment.

But here is what I know, God does not care where you come from. He gives you your dreams. He knows where you live. He knows about your past. He knows about the seemingly hopeless situation you may find yourself in right now. In the face of all of that, he still gives you the dreams you have. And he is more committed to seeing your dreams come to pass than you are. You are in safe hands! You cannot not let the “realistic” impact the “what if” in your heart. You must keep your head in the clouds.

That’s what this podcast is all about. I’ll be telling stories and insights from my own life as well as interviewing some of my friends from OUTCRY and hear other their stories and the insights they’ve gained.

I also want to hear from YOU! What has your journey looked like? What is the dream you are pursuing?

So keep posted here for all the new shows. And MAKE SURE and subscribe on iTunes here or Spotify here.

Alright dreamers, let’s go ??

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